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With a little help from our friends....Our Barn Project!

Kate McAlister

This week we got a very generous donation to the farm which now allows us to start fundraising to updating our amazing main barn.

If you have been to the farm, you know how amazing this barn is, but it needs some updates for our human friends and our animal friends. 

So now with a little help from our friends, we are going to fundraise to be able to do the following: 

  • Add CLIMATE CONTROL - the entire barn will be heated and cooled so we can use it all year around for farm events
  • Add REAL BATHROOMS - we will be able to cut the $3,000 a year we spend on our porta potty 
  • Add a farm SHOP to sell our Kamins Farm Merchandise and other specials gifts of our animals, such as photos. 
  • Add a SPECIAL NEEDS ROOM to contain all of our supplies for vetting the farm friends and use for when we have sick animals, or animals with special needs.

Updating the barn will be life changing for all our farm friends, human and animal.

Our fundraising goal is $40,000 of which we have $25,000!

Help us reach our goal by making a tax deductible donation! 

Venmo: Katelynn - McAlister

inside our amazing barn