Events on the Farm are back!! Limited spaces available!!


Kamins Farm is a 501(c)3 registered non for-profit that runs on donations.

Last year our 100% tax deductible donations allowed us to: 

  • Purchase hay for all our animals, which costs around $10,800 a year. 
  • Purchase grain for all our animals, which costs around $10,200 a year. 
  • Provide needed vet services to all our animals, including regular exams and emergent care which totaled $17,000 last year.
  • Provide heat during the winter months to our animals. Our gas bill for heating the living spaces of the animals is around $500.00 a month or $3,000 a year.
  • Provide a Porta Potty for our guest which costs $3,000 a year. 
  • Plus we spent $35,000 to update the animal's housing last year. 

    Are you looking to donate to this great cause? 

    Would you like to be the first to hear the exciting farm news?! Consider becoming a monthly Patreon today. Having a set amount of money each month that we can rely on is crucial to our little sanctuary and helps us plan and budget.

    We currently have a set $536 that comes through Patreon each month. We have a goal to get to $800! Patreon is a platform that allows members to donate a set amount of money, at your own discretion, a month. By donating per Patreon, you will hear exciting news first such as new rescues, special events, as well as photos and videos that aren't posted on our public social media pages! Every dollar counts and honestly it adds up super quickly! Thank you for considering!