Events on the Farm are back!! Limited spaces available!!


Sponsorship - Hardy

Regular price $150.00
Sponsorship - Hardy

What does Sponsorship entail?
For one year you get to sponsor a special farm friend! Each farm friend only has up to 3 sponsors so they get a little family of their own. During the years time we host three special events only for sponsors, our Holiday event (has already been hosted), our May Day celebration - coming up, then an end of Summer event before the new sponsorship season opens.

The cost to sponsor a goat is a one time fee of $150!

Because these sponsors missed our holiday event, a private meet and greet will be hosted just for you!

To sign up, visit the “shop” tab on our website to pick the farm friend you would like to sponsor! Upon sign up we will email you with additional details and the meet and greet date 🤎✨

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