Events on the Farm are back!! Limited spaces available!!


Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Is the farm open during regular business hours?

A: No! The farm is open to the public during previously scheduled public and private events only. All attendees of events need to be pre registered by purchasing tickets from our event page, here!

Q: Does anyone live on the farm?

A: Yes! I, Kate & Brad Kamins, own and live on the farm, which is why it is not open to the public outside of events! This our home first, a sanctuary for animals second, and a place for community to visit lastly.

Q: I want to help out, can I volunteer at the farm?!

A: Yes! We have an amazing group of volunteers and are always thrilled to add to our little family - we have a separate facebook page, “Kamins Farm Sanctuary - Volunteers” that you can join to see opportunities. 

Q: Can I host a private party or wedding on the farm?

A: We love to host private parties, but unfortunately do not host weddings!

Q: Do you sell goats milk?

A: No.

Q: Do you adopt out or sell animals?

A: No. Around holidays like Easter, we are bombarded with people wanting us to take the baby chicks, ducks, or bunnies that they wanted to gift to their children to play with for a day. My answer is no. Please don’t gift living animals.