Events on the Farm are back!! Limited spaces available!!


At Kamins Farm Sanctuary we offer a unique opportunity for our human friends to sponsor our farm friends.

What Is Included In Your Sponsors Fee:

  • A wooden plaque with your sponsored friends photo.

  • We will have 3 events hosted specifically for sponsors throughout the year. This year the dates will be pre-determined so you can plan for them accordingly! (Holiday Cocoa and Cuddles, Spring Fling movie with the farm friends, and an End of Summer bash!) - if you cannot make it to said dates, we do not host make ups for you.

  • You get a special Sponsor shirt and can purchase additional so that the entire family has one! ($10)

  • During our holiday event your family gets to come and celebrate the holiday season with cocoa and cuddles.

  • When we have limited spacing events - sponsors are the first to know!

Each farm friend has up to two sponsors. Sponsorship costs vary by type of animal: ​

  • Ducks: $50
  • Chickens: $50
  • Pigs: $150
  • Goats: $150
  • Sheep: $150
  • Alpacas: $300
  • Mini Horses: $300
  • Cows: $600
  • Horses: $500 

Meet the Farm Friends!

What your donation covers for our sponsored farm friends:

  • Hay - $10,800 a year 
  • Grain - $10,200 a year
  • Vet bills - $17,000 last year.
  • Gas bills - $3,000 a year.
  • Visitor porta potty - $3,000 a year. 
  • Updates to housing - $35,000 last year

Have questions?  TEXT 563-271-5142

Ready to Sponsor? Send an email to ATTN: Tamara with the name of the animal you want to sponsor.

Please note that sponsoring does not give you any ownership of said farm friend. It also does not entitle you to visit the farm outside of scheduled events. If you cannot attend the set event times we do not arrange an event just for you.